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Which are the mandatory questions you should ask the company founders when you're empowered to create the Product Marketing function from zero?
I will face this challenge very son and my thoughts are: - which are the company objectives? - which are the marketing and product marketing specific objectives? - the resources in place to achieve the objectives (human, financial, tools) - where is the product on the lifecycle? - top three priorities - how are sales/marketing/product teams organised?
4 Answers
Jack Wei
Jack Wei
Sendbird Head of Product MarketingJanuary 10
* How are products currently released and who's involved? * What does pricing/packaging optimize for and how was it developed? * What's the company's ICP and why? * Who's the target persona and has this/will this evolve? * What type of marketer was the company's 1st marketing hire and why? ......Read More
Alex Chahin
Alex Chahin
Titan VP of MarketingOctober 4
What an exciting opportunity this is for you! I’m thrilled that you’ve earned this chance. When I joined Hims & Hers, I was in this exact position where I got to build out the Product Marketing team from scratch. It was one of the most valuable learning experiences of my career so far. Your li......Read More
Sahil Sethi
Sahil Sethi
BetterUp Senior Vice President, Product MarketingOctober 4
1. What is your mandate for product marketing ? Note: Open ended question. Really important to hear the founders vision behind this function. Always a best practice to start with open ended questions 2. 12 months from now, how will I know that I am doing an amazing job ? Note: This is a take......Read More
Rachel Cheyfitz
Rachel Cheyfitz
Coro Head of Product Marketing and DocumentationNovember 12
This feels to me like a loaded question and I'd love to hear more background in order to answer better. Are you "interviewing" leadership before joining the company or are you asking about how to approach them on a day-to-day while building the function or something else? The answer is different ......Read More
Linda Sonne-Harrison
I wouldn't look at asking "mandatory" questions but rather asking them what their vision is for the product marketing function and coming to a mutual understanding of what product marketing does and doesn't do. I'd guide the discussion with a visual and/ or data (a couple of useful links below). ......Read More
Brianne Shally
Brianne Shally
Nextdoor Head of Product MarketingJanuary 13
Top 3 Soft skills * Be collaborative: Be open to new ideas, raise your hand to help, lean in to new areas, and have fun while doing it.   * Build strong relationships: Invest in your cross functional partners, get to know them personally and professionally, know what is most important to......Read More