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Alex Wagner Lavian
Global Head of Product Marketing, Spotify for Artists at Spotify | Formerly UberDecember 20
As a first PMM hire it's important to prioritize needs and deliverables based on the overall goals and objectives of the company. Do “discovery” similar to how you would approach a product launch – g
Jasmine Jaume
Director, Product Marketing at Intercom October 26
I don't have a set framework as such, but this is the approach I'd take: Meet with stakeholders across the business to understand what's working, where the gaps are that PMM might be able to fill, an
Sarah Khogyani
Head of Product Marketing, Cloud at Coinbase | Formerly Lyft, AtlassianMay 25
First, I listen. It's important to understand in depth why these needs/deliverables are being asked of Product Marketing. What is the underlying problem? How can Product Marketing solve this?  Then,
Christine Sotelo-Dag
Director of Product Marketing & Customer Marketing at Mode Analytics January 19
As a first (and oftentimes only) product marketer at a company, prioritization is the mother of all skills. The framework I would apply is a natural extension of the 30/60/90 day plan outlined above.
Jasmine Anderson Taylor
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Instacart June 2
Only a few weeks into my current role, I’m living this one in real-time! For myself, I’ve created the following approach: Listen → Set Expectations → Execute → Close the Loop. For prioritizing needs/d
Jason Oakley
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Klue January 5
I'm still trying to master this one, but here's what I'm doing at Klue (I'm in my first month at the company).  Create your PMM Charter With the input of your boss and other leaders in the company, yo
Sharadhi (Gadagkar) Patel
Director, Product and Solutions Marketing at Hopin June 1
As mentioned before, product marketing is one of the most cross-functional roles of any in most companies. And as such, you’ll be getting requests for projects and deliverables from every angle. The f
Andy Schumeister
Director of Product Marketing at Sourcegraph June 8
I generally use a modified version of the Eisenhower Matrix (I just learned the name). On the spectrum of "not urgent to urgent" and "not important to important," you should prioritize the deliverable
Meredith Davis Shields
VP, Product Marketing at LendingClub July 26
Chances are you will inherit a number of projects in queue Day 1. Do your best to deliver on those projects to drive results out of the gate. This will instantly help you build credibility with collea
Mandy Schafer
Director of Product Marketing at Mastercard June 15
I'm going to talk about my experience at really early stage companies, at this point, everyone is doing everything, so the priority is to create some strcuture to help every get aligned on the same go
Gregg Miller
VP of Product Marketing at Oyster® October 8
At Zapier I approached this by starting with a mission statement to describe why our team exists and the work we aim to uniquely do for the company: “PMM exists to maximize Zapier’s market opportuniti
Natalie Louie
Product Marketing, Senior Director at Replicant | Formerly MobileCoin, Zuora, Hired, Oracle, ResponsysJanuary 11
I start with my phases of success for a PMM in my first 100 days here. Through this process I create my priorities and ensure I have executive alignment on them. I always get feedback from my leaders
JD Prater
Head Of Marketing at Graft January 7
This can definitely be a challenge whether you're the first or tenth PMM at a company. I'm a fan of working backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for the product team or from
Jessica Webb Kennedy
Head Of Marketing at Tailscale | Formerly Atlassian (Trello), HubSpot, LyftJune 16
As stated above, PMM wears so many hats it's important to recognize what is needed at any stage of a company. When first coming into an organization as the first PMM I think the most important thing t
Jennifer Kay
Product Marketing Expert & Mentor at | Formerly Homebase, Angi, The KnotOctober 12
Every company and every growth stage is different so the evaluative framework you utilize needs some flexibility. I recommend that your framework is developed in tandem with your partner stakeholders