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Liza Sperling
Head Of Product Marketing at Upwork February 17
In general, I don't think you can determine that a platform approach makes sense or begin developing platform positioning and messaging until you know more about your product(s) than just capabilities
Jack Wei
Head of Product Marketing at Sendbird | Formerly SmartRecruiters, Mixpanel, DeloitteJanuary 11
Not very important. Nail the basics (at the product feature/function level)... make sure they map to the corporate and brand messaging. Once the business passes a certain revenue threshold in your spa
Anna Wiggins
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Insights, Copy & Content at Bluevine March 24
I would say this depends on your roadmap and when the platform functionality is scheduled to launch. If you incorporate platform messaging too early, you can actually do more harm than good because yo
Francisco M. T. Bram
Vice President of Marketing at Albertsons Companies March 24
That’s a great question. The most successful salespeople build relationships with customers by selling them the promise of a product or platform that will evolve, as their needs evolve. And in today’s
Natalie Louie
Product Marketing, Senior Director at Replicant | Formerly MobileCoin, Zuora, Hired, Oracle, ResponsysApril 13
I wouldn’t prioritize it and instead focus on iterating on your existing product messaging and positioning. Get clarity on how to message and position your existing products while being mindful of you