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Curious to know how customer research works best in your experience and how to drive to actionable outputs like positioning and messaging.
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Alexandra Gutow
Director of Product Marketing at Snowflake November 4
I love bringing the voice of the customer into messaging! It's one of the most powerful inputs you have. Nothing beats actually talking to or hearing from customers. Shadow some sales calls. Listen to
Jenna Crane
Head of Product Marketing at Klaviyo | Formerly Drift, Dropbox, UpworkJuly 15
It’s so important! I like to do some exploratory research before I draft anything — both quantitative and qualitative if I can — to hear in an unbiased way what our target audience values, looks for,
William Davis
Vice President of Product Marketing at Workato September 28
Any work on messaging needs to incorporate customers!  When we're working on messaging for a campaign or a broader shift in messaging, interviewing customers and getting their feedback is vital.  Ofte
Malli Vangala
Chief Strategy Officer at Circana | Formerly Microsoft, SAP, McKinseyOctober 7
We collect and incorporate the voice of the customer in a few different ways: First - the sales team tends to be a great proxy as they are on the front lines and can provide great inputs on what they
Harsha Kalapala
Vice President Product Marketing at AlertMedia | Formerly TrustRadius, Levelset, WalmartJuly 20
Great question. Bringing in customer voice is not optional for marketers anymore. People just want to self-serve when they buy anything, and they dont trust what us marketers have to say. They trust t
Chris Glanzman
Director of Product Marketing & Demand Generation at ESO | Formerly FortiveOctober 6
Voice of the customer is one key component of great positioning and messaging. It's important to gather the information first-hand. At a minimum, product marketers should be watching or listening to r