Brianne Shally
Head of Product Marketing at Nextdoor

There are various inputs into the product roadmap that Product Marketing can provide, beyond data and customer anecdotes. Where Product Marketing can be most valuable is in connecting the dots across the various insights to share a point of view and answer the question 'why this matters'. For instance, you can share competitive trends but take the analysis a step further to share 'why this matters'. 

Additional inputs into the product roadmap: 

  • Competitive Analysis: Understanding key competitors, including primary competitors, competitors in verticals, and global competitors to understand where competitive advantages and disadvantages across the marketplace. Incorporate win / loss reporting and interviews into the process as well. 
  • Market Trends: Analyze market trends to understand macro themes that will have implications on the product, marketplace, geos, verticals, and customers. This will especially be helpful for longer term planning. 
  • Prospects: What got you here, won't get you there. It's vital to understand the broader prospect customer base beyond current customers to identify what wants and needs you aren't solving for, but need to in order to have step change growth. 
  • Customer Insights: Triangulate across qualitative, quantitative, and behavioral input to shape point of view, especially since not intentionally customers say one thing and do another. For instance, explore behavioral data to understand engagement and adoption trends. Additional inputs to include NPS, win / loss reporting, case volume, and themes, Sales input, social media listening, research results, customer advisory board insights, etc.
Anna Wiggins
Sr. Director Product Marketing at BlueVine
I’m going to assume that by data you mean customer research. In general, it’s difficult to drive a roadmap or any type of strategy without insights. However you don’t always have to do formal research to understand your customers and to make recommendations advocating for their needs. Some areas...more
Jessica Webb Kennedy
Head Of Marketing at Tailscale | Formerly Atlassian (Trello), HubSpot, Lyft
It can be tough to get access to data sometimes depending on how your org or team is setup. Maybe you are small and don't have people dedicated to digging into this, maybe team siloes create too much process or your industry is highly regulated. If that is the case I'd encourage you to go out and...more