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Caroline Walthall
Director of Product Marketing at Quizlet | Formerly UdemyJanuary 15
No clear messaging target - it’s almost impossible to write copy for everyone, so it ends up being for no one. In this scenario, we also become more tempted to use our internal lingo in absence of an
Emily Ritter
VP of Marketing at Mode Analytics August 7
* not getting involved in the product development process early enough* not talking to customers directly* not asking “how might this NOT work out” aka a "Pre-Mortem" (and developing mitigation plans
Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari September 8
We product marketers all have PTSD from product launches that didn't go as planned! So let’s talk about a few common pitfalls. The biggest one is probably the lack of exec buy-in. If you don't have a
Erin Gunaratna
VP, Product Marketing at Chargebee January 21
When I interview candidates for PMM positions, one of the “x factors” that I always look for is humility — but not just because I want to hire good team players.  People with intellectual humility kn