Christine Sotelo-Dag
Group Product Marketing Manager at Intercom

A few things we've evolved over the years as we've trained sales teams for launches. Rather than leaning on broad sales trainings that include the entire sales org, we've tried smaller trainings for specific regions or teams that are tailored specifically to what is most important to them. 

We've also evolved from trainings that take place a week before launch to several touchpoints leading up to a launch - ranging from trainings, to office hours, demo sessions, and on demand trainings - so sales is able to digest change over time and have plenty of time to get comfortable with selling ahead of launch. 

One area that often gets overlooked, it putting the time and energy in to making sure sales has a solid demo environment and script - and feels confidently trained (and launch enablement doesn't stop with slides and a training). 

Christy Roach
Head of Portfolio & Engagement Product Marketing at Airtable
Enablement is one of the most critical and often most difficult parts of the launch. The key to remember is that, usually, the product launch is just part of the overall sales process, and you need to treat your enablement as such. Very rarely will a customer-facing team drop everything for a new...more
Emily Ritter
VP of Marketing at Mode
Small: tight, thoughtful FAQs. Keep it simple. Prep a concise one-pager that delivers the facts and moves on. Large: think about enablement as a mini bootcamp program rather than a one-and done. Work with managers in advance to get their input on what their teams might need. Do in-person training...more
Daniel J. Murphy
VP of Marketing at Privy
This is not a great answer but the best approach for enablement is overcommunicating. Taking every opportunity to pitch the launch: why it will make sales more money, why it will help CS save customers, etc.  Not just at meetings but on Slack every week too. Share updates, share customer feedb...more