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🤘 Dejan Gajsek
Co-founder of Grow+Scale at Grow + Scale February 9
This would definitely depend on the maturity of the company itself, for example, a pre-seed company would have different needs than Series B or series D. The best thing to do at the start is to captu
I'm not sure what "academic" frameworks exist for competitive analysis, but I have worked with dozens of companies and haven't seen a lot of variation in how they approach competitive work. There are
Megan Pratt
Product Marketing Strategy Consultant at MP Marketing | Formerly Alyce, NextRollFebruary 7
I generally start out with a very simple, standard framework for a battle card. Then, I present it to stakeholders for feedback. Generally, they find some fields in the framework to not be useful at a
Adina Schoeneman
Senior Product Marketing Professional at | Formerly Aware, DattoJanuary 31
There are a lot of great existing competitive positioning frameworks out there. I think GTM maturity of the company and primary audience & execution priorities should be considered in designing yo