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Competitive Positioning

How do i use multiple customer quotes and case study stats to create a 2 pager sales enablement asset?
Im not sure how i can structure this document, but i have (numbers) on how our product benefited the customer and why they chose us over a competitor and multiple quotes from different customers. What is the best way to tell a story?
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Over your career, what best practices can you share with working with the sales team?
More specifically: who are you speaking with? how often? what are sales teams typically asking for? what types of things can you deliver on/what types of things are not feasible? what steps do you take to keep things productive? what types of situations are not productive?
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What metric, goal or KPI can you put on providing competitive intelligence to the company or product teams?
I work in a company that measures the impact of all projects, but admittedly this is a difficult area to track. Would love to any suggestions/thoughts.
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How does one create a "positioning document?"
Our organization is focusing on a new customer segment and channel. My CMO has asked me to create a "positioning document" that we can share with senior leadership that articulates how we're going to market to this segment. Does anyone have a template or (and NDA-compliant) example document I could use as a model? Just trying to understand what type of information to include and how best to organize it. Thanks!
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Is competitive positioning an output of a feature or a marketing story?
I see a lot of battles between start-ups about similar features/products; I myself have tried to position our product with a differentiated story not always backed by features. What's the ideal approach? Where does one draw the line?
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How do you perform extensive competitive product research?
I've been tasked with it but I'm missing the mark. This research is for the CEO and Product/Engineering teams who want to know how our tech stacks up in the market. Do you have any tips?
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How do you showcase to interviewers your work in messaging and positioning, without actually showing documented work?
Also, how to actually show its success, as this is something that may take awhile before seeing a growth trend and can you directly actually attribute a particular success metric on messaging?
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What research helps identify segments, their needs, and decide your build/buy/partner strategy? And how do you share those insights?
I'm working at a company where we're trying to unlock new industries that we as a company need to have a better understanding of.
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What do you use or do to get people to buy into your positioning plans and consistently using them?
The product marketers job typically revolves around positioning a product. Sometimes, it can be difficult to align sales, marketing, and product teams around your positioning.
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What's your best product marketing 30-60-90 day plan to make a big impact?
I'm starting a new job next week! Would love to hear your top tips in general as well as at the director level.
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What's your approach to competitive differentiation?
How does this inform your core messaging, how do you enable sales to understand what makes you different/better, how do you know if it's working with your target buyers?
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What competitive positioning frameworks have worked best for you?
i.e. standard/academic frameworks tweaked to your requirements or a completely redesigned framework that is proprietary
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