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Abhishek Ratna
Product Marketing Lead, Core ML at Google December 15
Here are some fundamental things Research and understand the motivations, needs, and pain points of both the buyers and users of the product. Create messaging that speaks to the benefits and value of
Mike Greenberg
Director of Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) January 5
The short answer is that you'll need to develop messaging with both audiences in mind, and apply the correct messaging (or combination of messages) based on the target audience and funnel stage for ea
Julia Szatar
Director of Product Marketing & Lifecycle Marketing at Loom December 3
Start by defining the personas and the top-level narrative of the product.  Who is it for? What is the problem statement?  What is the value prop?  What are the key benefits? You could start with th
Pranav Deshpande
Product Marketing Leader at | Formerly TwilioSeptember 29
We've followed a three step process in the past that's helped us identify messaging for multiple audiences in an effective and efficient way:1. Start with listing the core value props of your product