Teresa Haun
Senior Director, Technology Marketing and Communications at Zendesk

I think this blog post https://www.thebalancecareers.com/how-to-succeed-at-asking-for-a-pay-raise-2071868 does a nice job walking through key considerations and things to do when generally asking for a raise, including specifically in the “Research” section highlighting some of the classic sources of data to use for salary comparisons and other elements of total compensation. The article does also give some tips around having the conversation and on those points, I just wanted to add that I definitely think the ask should happen in a meeting, not over email, and I don’t think it’s usually necessary to ask for a specific meeting to discuss a raise (which makes it seem very formal) when you could just add it as a topic in your next 1:1.

For metrics specifically to justify your raise, I would say use anything that shows you’re outperforming targets or even your peers or other areas of the business (although you of course don’t want to be putting others down). This could be beating the goals set for a major launch, delivering well above metrics like pipeline and bookings for your areas, getting very high satisfaction scores on your presentations, etc.

Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
To be honest, I wouldn't waste my time asking for a raise. You generally only get incremental bumps while staying in the same position. You can sometimes expect a moderate raise when you get promoted, but generally speaking if you want a big raise you're going to have to go to another company. Do...more
Derek Frome
Vice President Marketing at Ouster.io
In my opinion, this is the wrong question to be asking. A much better objective would be to aim for a promotion, not a pay raise. Of course, promotions carry pay raises, but the point is that a promotion is more easily understood and communicated. It's easier to ask your boss "what do you think I...more
Steve Feyer
Product Marketing Director at Eightfold.ai
The previous answers here are a bit too pessimistic, I think. First and foremost, benchmark your comp against peers at LinkedIn and Glassdoor (Follow-up question for the community: What other salary aggregators do you use?) This can prove your compensation is too low, if it is. Beyond that, us...more
Ross Overline
Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Fivestars
Asking for a raise is tricky. Ultimately, you need to be driving value, right? That can be broken down quantitatively, but also qualitatively.   Quant: What impact are you having on funnels? Run A/B tests to prove that your strategies are driving impact. How have NPS and sentiment changed?   ...more