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What are the long-term metrics that you prioritize reviewing in running your organization?
I believe organizations that I have been a part of spend too much time prioritizing short-term metrics (pipeline, forecast, YoY growth, etc.), and I notice this is especially true when creating deep partnerships with Sales leadership. What do you look at to determine the future health of your organization (ex: new logo wins, # of partner wins and contribution, growth in pull-through services)? How do you balance focus on short and long-term health?
2 Answers
Sid Kumar
Sid Kumar
HubSpot SVP, Revenue Operations (RevOps)February 7
The specific answer here will depend on the type of organization (e.g. B2B/B2C), target segmentation (e.g. Enterprise/SMB) and go-to-market model (e.g. Product Led Growth, Sales Driven). I'd suggest looking at this through teh framework of of leading indicators (input metrics) and lagging indicat......Read More
Cambria Moreno
Cambria Moreno
Highspot Director of Revenue OperationsMay 31
Your metrics are divided into run the business and long range plan. Run the business: * Pipeline generation * Forecasting Accuracy * Win Rates * YoY Growth Long Range Plan: * Competitive Win Rate * Partner Revenue & Growth * Revenue role productivity * Profitability - big on......Read More