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What are good sales OKRs?

3 Answers
Katie Harkins
Katie Harkins
UserTesting VP of SalesFebruary 8

Here is my favorite hit list of OKRs for Sales:


*Average Sales Cycle

*# of net new logos

*Total discos scheduled

*Percentage to quota

I've been at different organizations that also liked to measure the following:

  • Total Appointments//Discos
  • Total Pitches Completed
  • Total Number of Net New Logos
  • Total Transactions from Cross Sells
  • Total Selling Days in Month//Quarter
  • Total Calls//Emails (Calls2Set +Emails2Set Ratio)
  • Total Talk Time
  • % to Quota
  • Selling Days
  • Show Ratio
  • Average Deal Size

I live by "RGA" = Revenue Generating Activities 

Beau Noonan
Beau Noonan
Matterport Enterprise Sales DirectorJune 7

Here are a few good OKRs that I focus on within my region:

  • Objective: Increase Revenue Growth

    • Result: Increase sales stage conversation rate by x %

    • Result: Increase average deal size by x %

  • Objective: Enhance Customer Retention & Satisfaction

    • Result: Increase net dollar retention rate for existing enterprise clients

    • Result: Generate a certain percentage of revenue from upselling and expanding customers.

  • Objective: Optimize Sales Process & Efficiency

    • Result: Decrease sales cycle duration by x %

    • Result: Improve win rate of inbound qualified leads

    • Result: Implement a new tool such as CI to improve productivity

Nick Feeney
Nick Feeney
MURAL Associate Vice President, Enterprise & Strategic SalesMarch 9

OKRs can vary depending on how your specific business and team are measured. It is crucial to first understand what the business OKRs are before you can be prescriptive in delineating key objectives to your respective team.

Team metrics:

  • Data trends - SCL, ACV, WR + pipeline (3x)
    • Days within stage
  • ACV (average contract value)
  • ASC (average sales cycle)
    • Delineated by stage
  • WR (win rate)
    • Delineated by stage
  • New logos
  • New logo vs. expansion revenue
  • SQO to SAO production (sales qualified to sales accepted opportunity)
    • Your team should have ~3-4x pipeline coverage in order to feel confident in attaining the number
  • Activity to SQO production (how many activities until a meeting is booked)
  • % to quota attainment
    • There is a fine balance. ~125%+ attainment across the team to me means the number is too attainable. I like to see performance average ~90-95% attainment across a team by region.

Business Metrics

Great metrics to ask in an interview

  • Run rate vs. growth rate
  • Path to profitability
  • At scale, do these unit economics work?
  • Revenue now vs. targets for the year vs. projections
  • Revenue streams
  • Market share
  • CAC (Customer acquisition costs)
  • NDR (Net dollar retention)
  • What is the current valuation vs. projection for next year
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