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How to make a career change to PM?
Any tips, strategy, success stories?
3 Answers
Natalia Baryshnikova
Natalia Baryshnikova
Atlassian Head of Product, Enterprise AgilityFebruary 16
See my answer above on breaking into tech as a PM for one of the options. Another option, if you are a mid-to-senior career professional is to build ties with your product team internally. Product leaders need good folks all the time; I have facilitated multiple secondments of folks from other de......Read More
Paresh Vakhariya
Paresh Vakhariya
Atlassian Director of Product Management (Confluence)March 28
It can be challenging to break into PM space but here are a few tips: 1. Switch roles to PM within your current organization: this is the best path as you already have a good understanding of your company, product, customers, metrics and stakeholders. Find a team that will offer you this career ......Read More
Vasudha Mithal
Vasudha Mithal
Headspace Health Senior Director, Product ManagementAugust 23
Generally, where I’ve seen people best succeed in transitioning is when you change one dimension at a time. So, either change your company, role or industry. Trying to move across several things is hard (not impossible). In that context, the best shot is at trying for a product role within your e......Read More