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I'm the first PM in a startup that used to be sales led. I'm trying to set up the proper discovery processes, prioritization tactics and strategy, but I find that extremely hard to do as I'm getting carried away in the day-to-day tasks around requests, issues reported and project management.
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Natalia Baryshnikova
Head of Product, Enterprise Agility at Atlassian February 16
Startups are all about speed. To move fast, you need to know where you are going (aka what to be ruthlessly focused on) and allocate the most of your time/energy to that. Easier said than done, right?
Julian Dunn
Senior Director of Product Management at GitHub December 1
I've definitely been there! As you correctly intuit, your first order of business is to buy yourself some time to develop a strategic point of view and a roadmap that supports that it. Obviously that
Milena Krasteva
Sr Director II, Product Management - Marketing Technology at Walmart October 6
Actually, no differently than managing the 1001 questions and tasks shot at you in a large company :) A PM wears many hats. If any one area takes over disproportionately, the risk is that you are no
Vasudha Mithal
Senior Director, Product Management at Headspace Health August 22
In a startup, the R&R is faintly defined at its best. You naturally get pulled into 1000 different things - that is both fun and a challenge :) A few things that you might find helpful: In the be