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Krishna Panicker
VP Product at Airbase | Formerly Skype, Microsoft, Blink and Pipedrive
Without full context, I will assume you are not a start up but rather a profitable business with growing revenue. When considering whether to build, buy or partner (BBP), work with your team to put together a set of principles that are informed by your : * vision and strategy * differentiated core * ability to deliver value to market quickly Once you've identified the high leverage items that brings differentiated value, then work with your engineering team to model each of the 3 BBP options, and score them (doesn't matter how , just align on a framework).  1. How quickly can you pr...more
Krishna Panicker
VP Product at Airbase | Formerly Skype, Microsoft, Blink and Pipedrive

I wrote this post that covers a high level framework I use, aka Value stacking:

I will post a follow up on medium in which I'll deep dive on prioritisation, but there are many frameworks already in use out there, but the thing that I see missing is a coherent vision or strategy that provides direction that should inform your prioritisation.

Marion Nammack
Director of Product Management at Braze
The level of detail that people on other teams need depends on what they are using the roadmap for. Our roadmap planning tool enables us to create multiple views of the roadmap - we tailor each view to the use cases of the consumers. For example, we have the following views: * A view for our quarterly planning process - this view is primarily used to communicate to execs so it focuses on the high level business goals that each roadmap item supports and doesn’t contain many implementation details. * An internal view that go-to-market team members can use to understand estimated d...more
Jacqueline Porter
Group Manager, Product at GitLab
Well, I often incorporate multiple sensing mechanisms into the roadmap - the field and sales team are definitely an important lever to drive revenue, which really is why product managers exist.  So, a tactic I use is to show how much of my engineering capacity is dedicated to enabling revenue, technical debt, and long-term vision. The long-term vision is often a "big bet" that is about making a splash in the market or analyst review. Oftentimes, sales and the field are supportive of carving out time for long-term bets because analyst ratings, whitepapers, and affirmations of the product ...more
Aleks Bass, M.A
Vice President Product Management at Momentive
At Momentive there are several stakeholders that have input into our roadmap, a few main partners and collaborators are listed below: * Other Product & Design Teams * Sales/CS teams * Marketing & Growth * Research * And more… Most cross-functional partners just want to be heard and want to understand whether their requests will be addressed or not. This is why transparency is a key element in all 3 of the following tips to help you maintain the balance between influence and control: 1.  Give your cross-functional partners an acceptable avenue to advocate for customer requests a...more