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Aleks Bass
Vice President Product Management at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) June 15
The most helpful way to maintain alignment with the exec team is to align early and often on the product vision and strategy. Those conversations will likely surface gaps or areas of misalignment that
Marion Nammack
Director of Product Management at Braze February 8
Let’s say that a product team and an executive team are aligned on the goal of improving customer satisfaction with the product (measured by a CSAT survey). The product team will then do research and
Jacqueline Porter
Director of Product Management at GitLab April 13
This is certainly a tricky one! I like to think of a roadmap being made up of four sensing mechanisms:  1. External stakeholders - investors, board members  2. Market landscape - competitors, analyst
Kara Gillis
Sr. Director of Product Management at Splunk October 31
Executive alignment on your roadmap is pretty key to getting funding and resources to deliver on your roadmap. Your executive team probably cares about customer success, growth, and potentially thing
Richard Shum
Director of Product Management at Splunk January 10
It's always good to review roadmaps with leadership on an ongoing basis. These touchpoints allow you to keep your leadership informed and give you the opportunity to solicit feedback.  At the end of
Krishna Panicker
VP Product at Airbase | Formerly Skype, Microsoft, Blink and PipedriveMarch 8
Exec input is key so that you're aligned on the company goals. First get a breakdown from the Execs and finace on which levers the company intends to pull so that it achieves it's goals, and then ca