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Marion Nammack
Director of Product Management at Braze February 8
Good framing is essential for effective prioritization, especially in cases where departments have different perspectives on what to prioritize. In many companies, including my own, the sales team is
Jacqueline Porter
Director of Product Management at GitLab April 13
Well, I often incorporate multiple sensing mechanisms into the roadmap - the field and sales team are definitely an important lever to drive revenue, which really is why product managers exist.  So,
Marvin Green
Director, Product Management at Splunk September 13
I like this question because it is such a classic situation. I’ve seen this played out at companies and it’s likely a culture issue that it’s very hard to change unless the Product and Sales leadershi
Brandon Green
Director of Product, Fulfillment at ezCater | Formerly Wayfair, Abstract, CustomMade, SonicbidsAugust 16
Autonomy is certainly a desirable aspect of product work, but it comes with time. To gain autonomy, you need to first build trust. Start by not assuming your sales team is wrong (I realize this is blu
Krishna Panicker
VP Product at Airbase | Formerly Skype, Microsoft, Blink and PipedriveMarch 8
What are your company goals for the year, and how much is dependent on new sales vs retaining exist customers and growing customers? It's important to know, as It can cost five times as much to attrac
Didier Varlot
Product Manager at | Formerly ClickUpDecember 28
When departments have different opinions on prioritization, the product manager needs even more to have a transparent and data-driven prioritization method. Sales is a very important source of priorit