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Aleks Bass
Vice President Product Management at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) June 16
I find that this type of division can be misleading. In many industries, there is little difference between what an existing customer would want vs what a prospect would want. Many times, the two woul
Jacqueline Porter
Director of Product Management at GitLab April 14
I typically start from what are the annual business targets set by the company to answer this question. Oftentimes, the sales organization, CEO, and professional services organizations have targets ar
Richard Shum
Director of Product Management at Splunk January 11
Who to focus on often depends on the maturity of the product. At the beginning stages of the product, we focus heavily on prospective users. When the product is mature, we focus heavily on existing cu
Kara Gillis
Sr. Director of Product Management at Splunk November 1
In a perfect world, you want at least 80% of your roadmap to be applicable to both! But, we don't live in a perfect world, do we?  Some startups focus on a small number of customers and really custom
Marvin Green
Director, Product Management at Splunk September 14
Great question! This is something most product teams wrestle with when only looking at the roadmap from a features perspective to balance what to build for existing vs prospective customers. What I’ve
Krishna Panicker
VP Product at Airbase | Formerly Skype, Microsoft, Blink and PipedriveMarch 9
The answer lies in the breakdown of how the organisation intends to hit it's goals. See this answer for context -