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4 Answers
Julia Szatar
Julia Szatar
Loom Director of Product Marketing & Lifecycle MarketingAugust 25
Product announcements are a growth lever, and everything the product team ships is a marketing opportunity. But, not all opportunities should be treated equally, especially if your product team is shipping at a high velocity (like we do at Loom).   We use a tiering system from 1-4, 1 being the m......Read More
Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews Sr. Director of Product MarketingJune 26
This is a bit hard without writing a novel but luckily I wrote that novel not too long ago - check out this post.  It's pretty easy to find a good framework that you like - the trick is tailoring it for your busienss and......Read More
Chase Wilson
Chase Wilson
Atlassian Fmr Head of Product Marketing, Jira Work ManagementMay 27
Launch frameworks vary wildly depending on some fundamental questions: * Is your company well-known or resource-rich? * Are you B2C or B2B? * Do you have a Freemium offering? * How long do you expect the sales cycle to be? Once you establish answers to these questions you can more effective......Read More
Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels
BrainKraft FounderJanuary 20
Check out the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework. It could be helpful in your journey. A launch framework differs from a launch checklist in how prescriptive each are. Frameworks provide structure and direction, often where there are many unknowns that need to be identified and addressed. Checkl......Read More