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Have you ever been part of a launch where the eng/product team brought in product marketers or customers after work has kicked off (but before launch) and influenced feature development? What was that like?
Sometimes when product kicks off work they have assumptions about how people think about certain features. Marketing, support, and even customers can come to the table with real stories that may invalidate the assumptions product had early on in the feature dev process.
3 Answers
Mary (Shirley) Sheehan
Mary (Shirley) Sheehan
Adobe Head of Lightroom Product MarketingJanuary 16
Yes, definitely. Although it’s not ideal, it can happen and you can make an impact in terms of helping them understand product feature prioritization, since they probably already have some idea of what they're building, and (hopefully) who they are solving a problem for.  If there are a ton of......Read More
Caroline Walthall
Caroline Walthall
Quizlet Director of Product MarketingJanuary 30
Yes. One of product marketers’ jobs in the process is to continue sounding the alarm for user validation at each phase of the process, but that’s easier said than done. Pressure to ship product work quickly directly conflicts with this. The reality is that some product teams are more user-centric......Read More
Katherine Kelly
Katherine Kelly
Benchling Head of Product MarketingDecember 7
I'm potentially not understanding this question - all of the companies I've worked at beta test features and products prior to launch, so product always explicitly solicits this type of feedback prior to a launch. In fact it's a great place for product marketing to get feedback and customer stori......Read More