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Andrew Forbes
Director, Product Marketing at Figma June 29
Yes, we do! We use a number of frameworks depending on the tier (T1 to T3) of the launch. These have changed throughout the year as we've grown, but at their core they include the information below...
Emily Ritter
VP of Marketing at Mode Analytics August 6
Yes! We have a tiered launch playbook system that enables us to provide transparency to our product management partners about the activities we do depending on the size and complexity of the feature l
Bryan Sise
VP of Product & Customer Marketing at Checkr June 2
Yes, my team uses a document template for what we call a Launch Guide, and what at prior companies I’ve called a GTM Plan or a Product Marketing Brief.  The document template is organized into sectio
Hey! At Product School. we don't have a concrete template (yet) but we do follow a checklist to ensure that everything s iaccomplished prior to launch: Marketing Department Ensure that user analysi