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Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari September 7
In my playbook there are 8 steps to a successful product launch: Identify the key stakeholders Outline the deliverables and set the dates and the measures Define your messaging Track progress towards
Amanda Groves
Senior Director Product Marketing at Crossbeam | Formerly 6sense, JazzHR, Imagine Learning, AppsemblerJanuary 23
A good product launch has the following attributes: Data-backed. You've identified the business need, verified use cases, validated addressable market (and revenue outcomes) and mapped to target audi
Michele Nieberding 🚀
Head of Solutions Marketing at Iterable January 11
Every launch is different, but here is a good starting point!  Identify key stakeholders - I like to do a kickoff before a big launch wiht a POC from key teams including legal, pricing, CS, etc. as n
Jeffrey Vocell
VP of Product Marketing at | Formerly Narvar, Iterable, HubSpot, IBMSeptember 1
I feel like the answer to this could be it's own book. 😊 Ultimately, a PMM should be the "quarterback" of a launch and should be driving success at each stage. From the moment you hear about a large