Julien Sauvage
Vice President, Product Marketing at Gong.io

In my playbook there are 8 steps to a successful product launch:

  1. Identify the key stakeholders
  2. Outline the deliverables and set the dates and the measures
  3. Define your messaging
  4. Track progress towards the plan. This is where you start having weekly stand ups.
  5. Execute! The day of the launch
  6. Measure success and impact
  7. Celebrate the wins of your launch - making sure people feel celebrated and rewarded
  8. Create an ongoing adoption strategy

Ryane Bohm and myself actually spend some time explaining these steps in details in our presentation given at a product bootcamp and called “Building the ultimate playbook launching new products”, check it out: https://info.gainsight.com/product-led-bootcamp-growth-webinar.html

Jeffrey Vocell
Director of Product Marketing at Iterable
I feel like the answer to this could be it's own book. 😊 Ultimately, a PMM should be the "quarterback" of a launch and should be driving success at each stage. From the moment you hear about a large launch coming you should focus on: * Aligning the team around that product * Communicating c...more