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Polomi Batra
Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk November 15
First, I think it’s completely acceptable to not have the perfect messaging ready in time for your launch. It’s ok, and actually, very advisable to keep iterating on your product launch messaging. In
Lauren Craigie
Head of Product Marketing at Cortex September 1
I use 30 day adoption as the primary KPI for measuring launch success (did we target the right audience with the right message and make it painfully obvious to do the thing?). I think success of the p
Abhishek Anbazhagan
Product Marketing Manager, Cortex at Palo Alto Networks | Formerly Xpanse, Cisco Meraki, RippleSeptember 5
At launch, it is measured through qualitative sales feedback and top-level metrics for the landing page/social engagement.  Post-launch, go on shadow sales meetings to see customer reactions to pitch