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How does a product launch differ depending on the size of the company?
How does a lean small startup launch look different than a product launch at a place like Loom?
3 Answers
Julia Szatar
Julia Szatar
Loom Director of Product Marketing & Lifecycle MarketingAugust 25
It depends on your resources and the skills of your team.  A larger company might be able to tap into more channels successfully or might already have more users and so the launch will inherently be more amplified.  You can still do a successful launch as a small company with some creativity an......Read More
Sherry Wu
Sherry Wu
Gong Director of Product MarketingJuly 19
I've worked at Series B startups all the way up to F500 companies. The theory behind product launches is the same - you want to align your launch to business goals. But, the HOW (the tactics and resources) and the WHO (the team) behind executing a product launch are really where there are diff......Read More
Aurelia Solomon
Aurelia Solomon
Drift Senior Director of Product MarketingDecember 2
You can read my answer about taking a Tiered approach in one of the other answers. If you're a lean start up, I would suggest focusing on doing just 2 Tier 1 launches a year, and sprinkle in two Tier 2s throughout the year (rather than the 3 Tier 1s 3 Tier 2s I recommend for a more mature company......Read More