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My most recent experience is doing partner marketing at Toast, which was on the same team as product marketing, doing partner product launches, running our partner program, doing sales enablement, and planning/executing campaigns. I have experience in content marketing at Tripadvisor (where I helped grow product adoption of a new product), and project management experience at the WiMAX Forum (where I empowered member companies like Hitachi, Siemens, GE, and more to bring WiMAX technologies to market as part of their product offerings).
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Lauren Barraco
VP, Marketing at Inscribe December 14
It sounds like you already have a lot of the relevant experiences to make your first jump into product marketing. We actually have someone on the product marketing team who started in the same way - p
Abdul Rastagar
GTM Leader | Marketing Author | Career Coach at June 11
To be completely honest, based on your description, you sound like you have a very close skill set and a lot of the right experience already. I would probably want to speak with you further to underst