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LeTisha Shaw
Director, Product Marketing at UserTesting February 25

Yes, this is a pretty standard PMM interview question. When I ask, I am typically looking to see if the candidate understands product launch and go-to-market fundamentals. I'm also interested in which parts of the launch they led (i.e. was it a specific marketing channel or soup-to-nuts?). 

I also like to ask different variations of this question, like "tell me about a product launch that did not go well and you had to get back on track" because let's be honest, not every launch goes exactly the way we plan :)

Lindsay Bayuk
CMO at Pluralsight October 27

If you do really exceptional work and execute a masterful launch that delivers meaningful outcomes for your product, you’ll have a great story for the next interview. Just do the work. The results and stories will come. I'd also add that part of being a great product marketer is being a storyteller. So consider that the way you tell the story is just as important (if not more important) than the results of the lanch itself.

Sharadhi (Gadagkar) Patel
Director, Product and Solutions Marketing at Hopin June 1

An A+ product launch example to me includes the following characteristics or elements:
What stage of the product launch the candidate was involved in. 

1. Clear delineation between the PMM and PM’s responsibilities for the product launch and where there was overlap.
2. Examples of cross functional alignment between product, marketing, and the GTM teams.
3. An example of something that didn’t go according to plan during the launch and how the candidate overcame it.
4. An out of the box marketing activity or tactic that was used that helped make this launch stand out.
5. Why the candidate felt this launch was successful and why it stood out to them.
6. The ability to tell this product launch story in a clear, concise and compelling way.