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What are some of the *worst* KPIs for Product Marketers to commit to achieving?
There are many questions about the best KPIs to track, but none about the worst.
3 Answers
Grant Shirk
Grant Shirk
Cisco Head of Product Marketing, Cisco Campus Network ExperiencesJuly 7
Well, to quote Rush, "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." I would say the worst thing you can do is not commit to something. Pick one and roll with it - you can always adjust if it doesn't fit the business. Owning a number is the best way to establish leadership and priori......Read More
Jenna Crane
Jenna Crane
Klaviyo Head of Product MarketingJune 30
Great question. A couple come to mind that I would advise against signing up for: * Sales-enabled revenue. There are so many variables and phases here -- from demand generation, to the sales team actually following up with leads, to the leads actually showing up for a demo, to the sales t......Read More
Jon Rooney
Jon Rooney
Unity Vice President Product MarketingAugust 24
Awesome question - I think there are two buckets that make up the "worst" KPIs for PMMs to commit to achieving: KPIs that simply track task completion and KPIs on which PMMs have no direct impact.  KPIs that track task completion are so tempting because they're straight-forward and, thus, we'v......Read More