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Shabih Syed
Director Product Marketing, Datadog | Formerly MparticleJuly 7

I believe that product marketing's core mission is to maximize value realization and conversion rates across all key user personas which in turn helps the business achieve revenue targets. Solution marketing is a component of product marketing that demonstrates value by outlining an end-to-end technical solution to a problem.

If you think about platforms that become core infrastructrue (examples include customer data platforms (CDPs), database-as-a-service (DbaaS) and integration-platforms-as-a-service (iPaaS)) then it's not enough to just tout the features of the platform. You have to show and tell how your platform fits into the technolgy stack that an organization is leaning towards or already has. 

An example of solution marketing is a use case blog that provides details on how an organization can evolve from batch to real-time customer data analytics with mParticle and Amazon Kinesis or a use case blog that shows how to use Redis with Kitura, a server-side Swift web framework.