Matt Hodges
Head of Product Marketing Craft at Atlassian

I'm out of time, but real quick, Patagonia and Apple are favorites of mine. They both have brands that stand for something, and they continually demonstrate their commitment to their vision in their actions. On top of that, they both have high-quality products.


I  believe that product and marketing are two sides of the same coin–you can't be a successful, sustainable business without one or the other.

Kimberly Blight
Product Operations at Sprout Social, Inc.
Intercom! There is always a bigger story told within the release comms. Continually impressed by them. Emails are always succinct and guides complement them, helping you get the most out of their product.  Trello has also done a great job announcing multiple features tied to a bigger them insi...more
Jon Rooney
Group Vice President, Industry Marketing at Oracle
I’ll (mercifully) go away from tech here: My go-to example is Thomas Moser, which makes really high-end, handmade furniture in Maine, has limited distribution and sells their designs at a decidedly premium price point. Years ago, before owning even a single chair was remotely in my budget, I came...more
Kat Sandin
Director of Product Marketing at Appfire
Wisita is a great one, especially since they are a video platform that does some really great video marketing! Any time I do anything with video, I always look to their blog/site for inspiration. I really like how everything they put out about their product is helpful, quick, and provides a glimp...more