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Desiree Motamedi
VP Global Head of Product Marketing at Shopify June 30

I like to use the GTM T-shirt sizing exercise to prepare for launches. It involves first figuring out the level of resources you’ll need to GTM, then fine-tuning the criteria needed to make it the most successful it could possibly be. At this point, you want to assess things such as product value, the degree of existing customer reach, competition/market dynamics, and risks/sensitivities. Of course there is no fixed formula and these things vary based on each launch, but giving yourself this high-level visibility of the potential turnout helps you map out the most direct path to success. In my experience, XFN meetings are highly effective for accountability across teams, but they also help you bring this mapped-out launch to life—all while creating a cohesive and consistent story that your stakeholders can follow along with.

Amanda Groves
Senior Director Product Marketing at Crossbeam | Formerly 6sense, JazzHR, Imagine Learning, AppsemblerJune 21

Over the years I created a tiering calculator to help me gauge feature impact and inform relative GTM activities. They range from Tier 1 (biggest launch type) to Tier 4 - silent/soft launches. The questions I use to size-up tiering are

...Does the feature:

  • Provide something our competitors don't?
  • Solve a new buyer pain point?
  • Solve a new use case for an existing customer?
  • Introduce new functionality that changes customer workflows?
  • Improve functionality or performance of an existing customer workflow?
  • Change the user interface?
  • Add new internal tasks or support requirements?

Based on these answers - I'm able to map across pre-established tiers and corresponding marketing activities.