Ajit Ghuman
Director of Pricing and Packaging, Twilio Flex at Twilio | Formerly Narvar, Medallia, Helpshift, Feedzai, Reputation.com

One of the most effective tactics here is to build a product marketecture. Building a marketecture will help you keep the integrity of the two products intact while being able to create a framework for the entire platform.

I've written a detailed blog on this topic, here: https://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/news/2020/09/15/polish-up-your-product-how-to-win-with-marketecture.html

In addition, the way to utilize the marketecture is to come up with the following levels of positioning and messaging. 

Top-level: Platform positioning (marketecture is in service of this) - Here you describe how your platform will unlock value across multiple use cases for your target buyers in a single unified platform. Then follow up with why you can solve their problems uniquely better than other platforms. 

Product 1 and Product 2 level: At this level, you can maintain somewhat independent positioning and messaging for your discrete products as long as the larger message still trickles down into the positioning for these products. 

For some enterprise buyers, you may find starting with the platform story helps to set the stage in first call situations. For other smaller companies, the specific products may seem more attractive for an initial sales discussion - and a platform discussion may be counter-productive. As a PMM you will need to provide guidance to your sales team on when to leverage which positioning, platform vs product. 

Julia Szatar
Head of Product Marketing at Loom
Since you will have a lot of different messages with potentially different audiences building some sort of matrix can help you make sure everything is cohesive. I personally love using tables for this kind of thing (a spreadsheet works, or building out tables in a doc, you can even make the page ...more
Sarah Lambert
VP, Product Marketing at Buckzy Payments
This is a tough one but I would suggest doing a messaging framework for each product and then the platform as whole. This will help to determine what the true value of the platform might be - is it purely that you have the products together in one place or are you mitigating risk by integrating t...more