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Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) December 8
There are 3 core areas that I ensure I have a solid understanding of before I create new messaging and positioning: Target buyer(s) & their pain points: Get a clear understanding of who my target
Nipul Chokshi
Head of Marketing at Atrium September 8
For me, great messaging always starts with two things: Point of View - which articulates your perspective on the problem(s) your target market is looking to solve [why is the problem worth solving, w
Sarah Lambert
Head of Product Marketing at Symphony Talent October 20
You have to start with understanding your audience and your product. For the audience – understand their key business issues and pain points and for the product, understand the differentiators / value
Kylee Lessard
Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn February 27
I'd sum up my process as: JTBD > target audience > buyer journey > market, competitive, VoC > insight > internal positioning > external messaging > GTM strategy  Expanding on the