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Alex Chahin
VP of Marketing at Titan | Formerly Lyft, Hims & Hers, American ExpressOctober 4
Though there are many we could talk about, here are a few I’ve been reflecting on lately. 📈 Trend: The era of “build it and they will come” messaging is dead 👀 What’s next: Product marketers need to
Mike Polner
Head of Marketing at Discord | Formerly Uber, Fivestars, Electronic ArtsDecember 13
I think there has been a massive shift in just the awareness and momentum around Consumer Product Marketing overall. When I joined Eats 3 years ago as the first Consumer PMM, everybody was asking what
Madison Leonard 🕶
Product Marketing & Growth Advisor at | Formerly ClickUp, Vanta, DreamWorks AnimationFebruary 16
Human attention and distribution.  These things aren't new - they just increasingly get harder every year.  There are a million apps and products out there. It's more important than ever to differen
Lisa Dziuba
Head of Product Marketing at LottieFiles | Formerly WeLoveNoCode (made $3.6M ARR), Abstract, Flawless App (sold)August 11
Product Marketing Prediction for 2023 🔮 Based on my biased opinion, the most interesting trends that’ll shape the PMM role will be: 🔮 Product-Led and Sales Product-Led Growth will influence product