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What can I include in my marketing portfolio to standout from the crowd as a product marketing candidate.
I'm new to Product Marketing. In the interviews that I've done, I am being asked to present a marketing portfolio.
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Which are the mandatory questions you should ask the company founders when you're empowered to create the Product Marketing function from zero?
I will face this challenge very son and my thoughts are: - which are the company objectives? - which are the marketing and product marketing specific objectives? - the resources in place to achieve the objectives (human, financial, tools) - where is the product on the lifecycle? - top three priorities - how are sales/marketing/product teams organised?
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What's the best way to prepare for a product marketing interview at a big tech company?
What resources would you recommend to a prospective so they can best showcase their experience and aptitude for role. (B2C focused PMM)
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How does your company define the difference between product marketing and integrated / brand / customer marketing?
Do you see value in having both roles, e.g. Integrated team works more closely with the creative team on seasonal/holiday/brand campaigns whereas Product Marketing works more closely with the Product team on product launches, user research/insights, positioning strategy, etc. I have found it challenging for Product Marketing to own all of this, and often see different skill sets from marketers who are great at creative brand campaigns vs. PMMs who are skilled at positioning a new product and bringing it to market.
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I am looking for jobs in Product Marketing, what is the best way to increase my chances of breaking into the field?
I have a degree in Marketing but I graduated in 2002 with lots of changes now a days in industry I always am failing in interviews, they say you do not have related experience but If i cant get the chance how I will learn . Thats my problem .
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