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Victoria Chernova
Director, Product Marketing, Gong.ioJune 8

This really depends on your business model, the org structure, and company norms, but I can share the mission we developed for the PMM team here at Gong. 

PMM deeply understands our customers, products, and market in order to deliver the right product, to the right audience, with the right message.

This is the #1 objective, and the way you accomplish this is through a variety of intiatives. Our top ones are:

  1. Develop GTM strategy
  2. Inform product strategy
  3. Prioritize customer segments
  4. Serve as subject matter experts for enabling the field
  5. Evangelize our category, customers, and products
Lauren Craigie
Director of Product Marketing, dbt LabsApril 27

Customer segmentation—who cares the MOST, why are they using us, what are their alternatives, why would they stay, why would they leave. Both qualitative (interviews), and quantitative( (product usage and sales cycle data). 

I think getting incredibly clear on user profiles, habits and motivations is a critical input for every other area of the business. Things like posiitoning and messaging fall out of user understanding, and the very downstream activities many PMMs attach themselves to—things like enablement, demos, content creation, pricing and packaging, etc can all actually be split off from PMM as a business grows. They don't define our core work, they are products of our core work.

Becky Trevino
Executive Vice President Product (fmr VP PMM), Snow SoftwareMarch 2

The most important business objective for Product Marketing is to help the business achieve its sales targets – for some businesses this will be measured in MRR or ACV. However you measure this number, ensure you understand PMMs role in helping the organization meet it. This is the most important thing PMM can do and everything we prioritize needs to tie back to it. If it does not, then we should not be working on it.

Joshua Lory
Sr. Director Product Marketing, VMware | Formerly Accenture, United States Air Force
Here are some OKRs my teams track for product launches: Awareness - Web, social and blog activity (impressions, engagements and link clicks) Sales if not self-serve - MQLs and SQLs Time to value - how long does it take a customer to onboard and get value? Consumption - How often are new features being used (DAU / MAU) Renewals - NRR
Becky Trevino
Executive Vice President Product (fmr VP PMM), Snow Software
I am also a huge fan of Amazon's "working backwards" framework where a press release is written at the onset of development. In organizations that use this methodology, it is a great time to bring in the PMM. It also begs the question, when should a press release be written? We typically write in in Phase 5 or 7. I'd argue we should be using this template or another much sooner in the process.
Lauren Craigie
Director of Product Marketing, dbt Labs
A few answers here, based on use case!  Naming inside the product (like features, tabs, or experiences) would be handled by PMM during the launch process. PM is likely to have ideated an internally-referenced name early on, but as we get past the beta and understand what value users actually derive from the feature, PMM adjusts to better match what the user would expect to see, for the task they want to complete. Other copy in the product UI that describes what a function is, or does, in the shortest and sharpest way, is handled by our design team (which sits inside our product org). ...
Victoria Chernova
Director, Product Marketing,
Both are super valuable, and gaining experience in both will make you a well-rounded PMM. Great for when you lead a team in the future :) That being said, it also depends on what you enjoy. Having done both, PLG PMM work feels more B2C to me, where most of my time was spent working with campaigns, brand, and copy teams (other than product of course!). So if you enjoy working on customer journeys, creative briefs, and marketing assets, then that's a great fit for you. Whereas with SLG motions, your primary stakeholders are enablement and the field. In these roles, I've worked on messag...