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Lindsey Weinig
Director of Product Marketing, TwilioAugust 16

I love the power of a new perspective. I recommend an inspect, reflect, then suggest approach. Taking time to gather information from and form relationships with teams you support including product, sales, sales enablament/programs, marketing, as well as peers at your level will help you gauge your role's expectations and the business needs. Learning priorities, measures, recent learnings, challenges, and opportunities from these teams will help inform a perspective that will drive your approach and priorities as you ramp up. 

Tracy Montour
Head of Product Marketing, HiredScoreAugust 4

My not helpful answer is that there is no "typical" 30-60-90 day plan. Your first 90 days will vary drastically depending on the stage of the company you are joining, the maturity of the product marketing team, and the specific challenges the company is facing. In my experience, the first 30 days are about learning and building relationships. The next 30 days are about aligning on a plan of action. And the next 90 days are executing that plan.