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Julia Szatar
Director of Product Marketing & Lifecycle Marketing at Loom August 25
A lot of companies use a Changelog for these smaller launches. Your most engaged users will subscribe to the Changelog and get notified when you update it. There are tools like LaunchNotes you can use
Christine Sotelo-Dag
Director of Product Marketing & Customer Marketing at Mode Analytics February 25
This is a common challenge across every product marketing team. It is a delicate balance in ensuring the market and your customers are aware of what you've built, while not overwhelming them with too
Erin Gunaratna
VP, Product Marketing at Chargebee January 21
Honestly, the less “flashy” launches are often my favorites, because these releases may have a smaller audience than a major launch would have, but if you do them right, it’s sooo fun to watch those a
Anand Patel
Director of Product Marketing at Appcues September 1
We tier releases for a reason—you can't scream about everything otherwise customers will shut you out. That being said, there is still a ton of value in communicating even smaller releases. Some ways