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Christy Roach
Senior Director, Portfolio & Engagement Product Marketing at Airtable November 18
There are three main ways that I like to announce features in-product. Please note: I do not recommend you do all three at the same time unless you want your users to find you incredibly annoying. Eac
Marcus Andrews
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at June 26
I think you’re asking if it’s behind a pay wall and not just a free product? If that’s the case, you need material (video!) that can act as a demo, people want to see product, not just read about it.
Jenna Crane
Head of Product Marketing at Klaviyo | Formerly Drift, Dropbox, UpworkOctober 20
Introducing new features in-product is often the best way to drive awareness and adoption, because it's in context of the user's workflow and timed when they're actually thinking about your product (v
Anna Wiggins
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Insights, Copy & Content at Bluevine January 19
Product UI real estate is a powerful, contextual tool in introducing new launches. Your customers are most engaged and most likely to take action on your new launch when they are already in the produc
Claire Maynard
Head Of Marketing at Magical February 11
At Atlassian, we've found that in-app feature announcements work really well as you have the ability to reach the user when they are in the context of your product vs perhaps checking email and thinki
Madison Leonard 🕶
Product Marketing & Growth Advisor at | Formerly ClickUp, Vanta, DreamWorks AnimationDecember 8
I'm a big fan of in-app guides and tours. And from my personal experience, it usually outperforms email. Everything should be crafted with the best user experience in-mind. After you come up with a w
Anjali T. Cameron
Head of Marketing at Landed October 5
We typically use one of two options, depending on the business and customer impact of the feature. For new features with huge upside or the potential to cause a lot of customer confusion if not expla
Pulkit Agrawal
Co-founder & CEO at Chameleon July 5
My one piece of advice on this though is to make the announcement about the WHY and not the HOW. Too often teams focus on showing people the feature (through a feature tour or tooltip etc.) but that
Esben Friis-Jensen
Chief Growth Officer at Userflow January 19
Great question. For bigger features I think it is okay and also effective to be very much in the face of the user, with e.g. a modal that the user actively have to close. One can even add a product t