Mary (Shirley) Sheehan
Group Manager, Engagement & Retention Campaigns at Adobe

Really interesting question. It depends on what you define as power. PMs are responsible for building the product (so they ultimately have the final call on product decisions), but PMMs are tasked with getting that product out in front of the right target user. You can have the best product in the world, but if it isn't marketed, no one will know about it. 


The ideal situation is that PM + PMM work together, tackling big decisions together and that nothing is done in a silo. When you have a rogue PM that makes decisions irregardless of a PMM's customer data, then you have a big problem. 

Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks

Mary pretty much nailed this one. Ideally you both have a lot of power and divide it and wield it jointly. But if you need a direct answer to who has the final call on product decisions, it's PM. 

Judy Abad
Global Director, Business Strategy and Comms at TripActions
As Mary said, it definitely depends on how you define power, but in general, the PM makes the final call on the building the product and the PMM makes the final call on the launch strategy. Well, actually, it’s really the CEO that has the final call on everything, but you get my point.    In term...more
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
Both must be equally strategic, just in different ways, and often on different timelines. Regarding power, it depends on how you define that. Politically speaking, my instinct says that in most companies it's PM because they "make the stuff." PMM has the "power" to make it succeed or fail in the ...more