What are some of your favorite interview questions to ask customers when doing market research on segmentation?
I'm responsible for the healthcare vertical in North America, and there are different kinds of healthcare staffing that have differing needs, requirements, and sometimes use cases.
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How do you tailor B2B buyer personas when your product spans multiple industry verticals?
The product in question is related to energy management and caters to diverse verticals such as agriculture, paper production, and crypto mining. While typically a PMM would craft distinct buyer personas for the purchase journey, handling multiple verticals might result in around 15 personas, which is too much. How do you approach buyer personas in this case? Are personas still essential in this case?
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Do you have recommendations for agencies and/or consultants for deep persona development work?
Including research (survey interviews), creating of persona documents, and potentially training teams.
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What research helps identify segments, their needs, and decide your build/buy/partner strategy? And how do you share those insights?
I'm working at a company where we're trying to unlock new industries that we as a company need to have a better understanding of.
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How do you create buyer and customer personas at a B2B early-stage startup if there aren't any customers yet?
What do you recommend just creating a few hypothetical personas initially and adjust/update as you learn of new information, or something else?
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