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Given the scarcity of data in B2B markets, how can companies rely on research to inform their product marketing activities?
Due to fewer customer transactions and engagements, the scarcity of data in B2B markets comes with challenges for relying solely on statistical methods. This can also be said for smaller companies.
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Scott Swigart
Scott Swigart
Shapiro+Raj SVP, Technology GroupDecember 2
Foundational research is critical (segmentation / ICP, personas, journeys) and individuals can be found for primary research on just about any topic. With AI and secondary research, this kind of research can now be done at about 1/2 the cost and time of traditional approaches. Once the foundat......Read More
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April Rassa
April Rassa
Aventi Group Product Marketing ConsultantApril 3
There are probably three major questions to answer when operationalizing a GTM plan: What is the governance? Meaning who is in charge? What is the division of labor? Who holds what decision rights (e.g., decide, influence, escalate)? When do you scale? There are two broad options: launch-and-......Read More
What do you use or do to get people to buy into your positioning plans and consistently using them?
The product marketers job typically revolves around positioning a product. Sometimes, it can be difficult to align sales, marketing, and product teams around your positioning.
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Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews Sr. Director of Product MarketingJune 26
Product marketing is often defined as the people who position the products, but I think it's as equally important (especially as you grow bigger) that Product Marketing is also the most cross functional role in marketing. Creating alignment, securing buy-in, and building momentum around a launch ......Read More
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Daniel Kuperman
Daniel Kuperman
Atlassian Head of Core Product Marketing & GTM, ITSM SolutionsJune 2
The biggest mistake is to focus on what the competitor does versus what the customer cares about. Don't start with what the competition is doing or not doing, start with what specific customer needs are not being met by the current players, and find better ways to serve them. Another common issu......Read More
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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
Wrike Vice President Product Marketing / GTMApril 10
It depends on the competitive dynamics in your market. Are you the market leader or a new emerging alternative? What are the important buying factors in your market and with your buyers? Is price a primary buying consideration (hint: it often is not unless you make it that way)? It's always impor......Read More
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Rekha Srivatsan
Rekha Srivatsan
Salesforce Vice President Product MarketingFebruary 6
I like the positioning doc to address your audience need, how do you stand out / differentiated, what do you provide and white space. For example, if you have customer need, you can easily come up with the FOR and WHO; if you have white space, you can fill in the UNLIKE; and if you have unique ca......Read More
How does one create a "positioning document?"
Our organization is focusing on a new customer segment and channel. My CMO has asked me to create a "positioning document" that we can share with senior leadership that articulates how we're going to market to this segment. Does anyone have a template or (and NDA-compliant) example document I could use as a model? Just trying to understand what type of information to include and how best to organize it. Thanks!
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Leonardo Vergani
Leonardo Vergani
McKinsey & Company Engagement ManagerJuly 29
Hey, Intercom published a blogpost with their templates for everything related to Product Marketing, including a Positioning template. You can read the blogpost here: Specifically, the positioning template is availab......Read More
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Linda Sonne-Harrison
Figure out the "probing questions" that your prospective customer could ask to discover the truth of your competitor's product. Know why that functionality matters and have a clear explanation of what the customer can't do without having it. Package this information up into competitive plays that......Read More
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Rachel Cheyfitz
Rachel Cheyfitz
Coro Head of Product Marketing and DocumentationNovember 17
These aren't different things. Competitive is part of overall positioning.  Product positioning should include evidence, details and decisions based on:  - Competitive intelligence  - Pricing decisions  - Market need - Market potential  - Your product and, based on the above, its differen......Read More
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Amanda Groves
Amanda Groves
Crossbeam Senior Director Product MarketingNovember 3
People, speed, customer success and employer brand are the secret sauce to any business because they are proprietary and CANNOT be replicated. This is your differentiator and it makes up your brand. Invest in talent. Ship quickly. Build and nurture customer advocates who authentically love you......Read More