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2 Answers
Saad Farooq
Saad Farooq
DigitalOcean Director of Revenue Operations / Customer CareJanuary 5
Start with identifying what parts of the organization your RevOps team will be supporting. Then find the resources in each of these teams you will be supporting to either become your stakeholders and partners or if you do have the option to hire, bring them into your org. When you hire internally......Read More
Michael Hargis
Michael Hargis
Tealium SVP, Revenue OperationsNovember 16
My first piece of advice would be to learn. Learn as much as you can about the total addressable market, the product market fit and the buyer's journey for the product or service that your new company is selling. Spend time in the field with sales and SDRs. Read online reviews about your company.......Read More