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Patrick Davis
Group Product Manager at Google August 18
I'm lucky in that Google has a really rigorous interview process that I benefit from. Google is also known for taking a long time during that process but I promise you that is largely because of the r
Ashka Vakil
Sr. Director, Product Management at Mezmo December 12
The product manager's job is to identify the most impactful problems to solve, enable their team to build and ship solutions that delight users, learn, and iterate. Product managers need a multitude o
Avantika Gomes
Group Product Manager, Production Experience at Figma December 21
There's a lot written about basic PM competencies (, and for any PM on my team, they should be able to do all these things you'd ex
Mckenzie Lock
Director of Product at Netflix August 3
The candidate must “spike” (“8/10” or higher) in all of these areas, in order of importance:  1. Critical Thinking Given how many decisions and complex problems are thrown at PMs, this the #1 most im