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Often time when the launch goes general announcement (GA), everything seems finish. But obviously, launch is a series of events around a theme and it can last long after GA, especially in terms of messaging refining. But how do we keep the go-to-market team engaged to adopt it after launch?
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Jodi Innerfield
Senior Director, Product Marketing Launch Strategy at Salesforce January 12
Honestly, the sales team is going to do/say whatever they want. It's nearly impossible to enforce that a sales team says the exact messaging you want them to, or that they use the exact slides and res
Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari September 7
It starts with a super close collaboration between PMM and PM. Then I'm a big fan of using existing frameworks and templates like messaging & positioning documents, etc. There's a ton of them on v
Chris Glanzman
Director of Product Marketing & Demand Generation at ESO | Formerly FortiveAugust 19
Successfully adjusting messaging is the hardest component of a Product Marketer's job. Doing so requires a huge amount of partnership and trust from customer-facing team members. While there are sever