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Jack Wei
Head of Product Marketing at Sendbird | Formerly SmartRecruiters, Mixpanel, DeloitteMarch 4

Welcome to the fun world of Enablement! And there are internal + external aspects of this.

  • External
    • Message x Value & benefits: What's in it for your users? Migration is a pain in the ass. Before you get to the logistics, you have to sell them on the why
    • Transition plan: What's the step-by-step guide? Is it one size fits all, or does it require different approaches for different types of users? These need to be documented and clearly laid out. 
    • Timing & cadence: Give your customers enough time to make the changes. I'll leave the communications format, channels, and cadence up to you (but this is never a one-and-done exercise). For example, don't expect one email to the entire database to yield good results or high customer satisfaction.
  • Internal
    • Is an Enablement team in place at your company? If so, great! Loop them in early on customer enablement plans and they'll be able to position that for your internal folks. If not...
    • Message x Value & benefits: Why is this change important to communicate and will it help your team sell more & better? Sell the change internally.
    • Transition plan: Leverage what's built for customers and share it widely internally so that every customer-facing team is aware. Roadshow it in team meetings, mention it at all hands, set up office hours to give your colleagues the opportunity to ask questions and poke holes.
    • Timing & cadenece: Keep internal teams updated on the customer comms plan. In B2B sales, give your CSM team the opportunity to send 1:1 messages while marking takes care of the 1:many.
April Rassa
Product Marketing at Cohere | Formerly Adobe, Box, GoogleApril 3

The first step is defining the customer journey and making sure your key functiona teams understand that journey. Then, recognizing that there may be stop gaps that need to be implemented to ensure customers can take advantage of the feature. What needs to happen on the delivery side of the house so CS and technical teams are enabled? How can we over communicate and document docs and materials for our teams and customers?

What kinds of enablement efforts do we need to account for to make sure customers understand the benefits?