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I took a survey and in person interviews with customers and did different exercises but I am wondering what would make me more confident about the message
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Priya Kotak
Product Marketing at Figma February 24
I’m a big advocate of getting messaging in front of customers and potential customers directly. Here are a few ways I’ve done that recently: Test messaging in product betas: At Figma we often launch
Steve Feyer
Product Marketing Director at Eightfold January 11
I use surveys and interviews too, but in general I don't do a whole lot of testing or any "A/B" comparison of two messages. I'll put something out, and if it isn't converting leads or getting used by
April Rassa
Product Marketing at Cohere | Formerly Adobe, Box, GoogleSeptember 30
My short answer is to be scrappy and test with customers. Make sure your messaging can answer these questions: - Does your message focus on one main point? People will remember if your message is co
Jeffrey Vocell
VP of Product Marketing at | Formerly Narvar, Iterable, HubSpot, IBMSeptember 2
This is a great question. I think there are a few ways of testing messaging effectively: Ask one rep, or a small team, to position your product in a specific way. This is a very clear feedback loop,