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Vanessa Thompson
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio April 22

Making it memorable. One of the most memorable launches that I remember wasn't even one that my team did. It was one of our other awesome PMMs. We were launching our new CLI (Command Line Interface). If you have ever seen a developer coding, to the uninitiated, it looks like a black screen with a bunch of colored text. The PMM got black mugs and printed the date of the launch on the mugs using the same font as in the CLI. She planted the cups all around the office and then people started asking what they were. Then the cascading communications went out about the launch. Then the mic dropped and then folks knew what was happening. This was back when we were in the office, but I thought it was a really fun and creative way to run a launch.

Fiona Finn
Director of Product Marketing at March 4

I wouldn't say pricing and packaging are overlooked, but monetization and associated growth opportunities are often under-utilized as a means of improving launch/ go-to-market success:

- Can you look at the pricing of a feature or product as a means of driving product-led growth e.g. a freemium version of a feature being leveraged to access top-of-funnel customers 

- Does launch timing align with the opportunity to run promotions e.g. promotion annual offerings for stickiness 

- Are you considering the creation of upgrade and upsell paths as part of the launch 

- Can you position this to current customer at churn risk to make their current package look more enticing with specific positioning and messaging 

- Can you continue to test for the optimal pricing and packaging of a feature during the launch, so you can optimize it afterwards