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Emily Ritter
VP of Marketing at Mode Analytics August 6
Great answers all around. Here's what I'd add: * You deliver a product/feature that people actually want* You position your product in a way that gets the right people to try it (which they then adop
Esther Yoon
Vice President, Industry and Product Marketing at RingCentral October 18
I only have one that I can think of that holds true for all types of products:Write a mock PR to have a clear understanding of the message you (and your team) want to land. Ah-ha moment: Your mock PR
Adam Weigand
Director, Product Marketing at Coinbase March 4
Test, learn, and validateFormulating the foundation of your launch plan purely on an educated hypothesis is an OK starting point, but going to market on one is incredibly risky. Being a product marke
Marie Francis
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Workday October 17
Revenue, revenue, and revenue.  Assuming the product is launched to generate revenue. Not all are. Some products are launched to test ideas, some might exist simply to check a box with influential au
Fiona Finn
Director of Product Marketing at October 24
Not all relating directly to PMM's role in a release, but should always be on your radar: Assigning clear ownership of metrics to move and stakeholders of activities/ business areas as early as possib
Gaurav Harode
Founder at Enablix October 30
Excellent answers here. I agree that revenue is an important aspect of a Product Launch. You don't want the launch excitement to be short lived because of lack of revenue (and adoption).  We wrote a