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This is something that we are struggling with. We are a b2b software. Both product marketers and product managers spend time with customers.
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Feng Hong
Global Product Marketing Manager at TikTok July 18
I think it depends on what the priorities are at the company and the other roles pre-existing (they both affect what the PMM needs to do more of), but I think the PMM contributes input for the roadmap
Derek Frome
Vice President Marketing at Ouster July 18
Depends how market-facing your PMs are. If they're obsessed with serving customers and creating products and features that will generate new business, probably don't need to be very involved. If they'
Pulkit Agrawal
Co-founder & CEO at Chameleon July 4
As we move into a product-first world, the best companies have cross-functional teams designed to drive user engagement and success. Product Marketing is a key component of this.  Roadmap planning is
Lauren Culbertson
Co-founder & CEO at LoopVOC February 3
No matter how market-focused your Product Managers are, they still have to balance market needs with technical requirements. Product marketers can help by providing quantitative data around what cus
Dena Nejad
Director of Marketing at Hover July 18
Market research / gaps / competitive analysis / analysis of market value of new features / products. they would work hand in hand with PMs to consolidate all the info into a true roadmap.
Derek Pando
at July 21
I agree with a lot of the other answers, if there is not a lot of voice of the customer in the discussion, it can often be the role of a PMM to insert it. I'd also recommend you talk about the timing